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Quality First Teaching

“A large body of research indicates that what teachers do, know and believe matters more to the achievement of students than anything else we can influence. The quality of teaching is hugely important to the outcomes of young people, and great teaching can be learnt. Raising the quality of teaching within existing schools is probably the single most effective thing we could do to promote both overall attainment and equity”.
(Wiliam, 2018)
Quality First Teaching is at the heart of ensuring that all students at The MFG can achieve their academic, social, and personal potential. To ensure this is continuously delivered to a high standard, there must be connectivity between professional development, performance management (including teacher standards) and continuous quality assurance. We call these ‘Essential Creative Connections for Excellence’.
The curriculum is coherently planned and sequenced across all year groups, subjects and lessons, and is delivered within a supportive, articulate, metacognitive thinking school culture, allowing all learners to develop the knowledge, skills and cultural capital needed to succeed in life in terms of future learning and employment.
The following 4 points are crucial for staff to follow to meet the above intent: (Based on Evidence Based Education, Great Teaching Toolkit Evidence Review, June 2020):
  1. Understand the content they are teaching and how it is learnt (Curriculum)
  2. Create a supportive environment for learning (Relationships and Metacognition)
  3. Manage the classroom to maximise the opportunity to learn (Behaviour for Learning)
  4. Present content, activities and interactions that activate their students’ thinking (Teaching and Learning)
Further details on how Quality First Teaching is implemented at The MFG here:
Quality First Teaching at The MFG – Feb 2024

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