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Welcome to

The Mirfield Free Grammar

Welcome to

The Mirfield Free Grammar

THEMFG   TENACITY - The ability to never give up and being resilient in all that you do.
THEMFG   HEALTH - A state of complete physical, mental and social well being.
THEMFG   EQUITY - The quality of being fair and impartial to everyone.
THEMFG   MORALITY - A set of standards that determines right from wrong.
THEMFG   FLOURISH - To thrive and develop successfully.
THEMFG   GENEROSITY - To be kind, offer support and help others.

Principal's Welcome

“Everyone at The Mirfield Free Grammar strives to ‘achieve excellence together’ and this vision is embedded in ‘THE MFG Character’ across our school community, alongside Quality First Teaching.

We endeavour to create well-rounded, happy and confident young people who are able to contribute positively within the community. I am a firm believer that developing ‘THE MFG Character’ of Tenacity, Health, Equity, Morality, Flourish and Generosity in all our students will enable us to achieve this.”

Mrs Alexandra Fuller – Principal

Trust Vision

The Great Heights Academy Trust strives to always provide an inspirational, positive and welcoming environment where there is a sense of pride and fun and where everyone works together with confidence, enthusiasm and mutual respect. We aim to nurture academic, personal, spiritual and social development in a caring and professional manner so that all achieve their full potential and all can reach GREAT heights.

We work hard to maintain a happy and well-run Academy, where students feel confident to thrive and develop.

We strive to make our Academy a place of sound, stimulating and appropriate learning, where every student can achieve their potential.

We create a caring community where great emphasis is placed upon good relationships and partnerships to encourage respect, understanding, co-operation and collaboration.

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