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 Teaching and Learning Model

 The whole school and individual departmental Intent statements support all curriculum plans.  Our curriculum plans strives to be knowledge rich, memory friendly, inclusive and focus on improving reading, vocabulary and students’ cultural capital.

 The school’s Teaching and Learning formula ‘Engage + Challenge = Impact’ underpins all our Quality First Lessons.  Schemes of work and lessons are planned with this simple, but effective formula in mind and teachers’ Continuing Professional Department (CPD) is centred on sharing good practice around these three foci. Quality assurance of lessons is carried out, with CPD needs in mind.  Teachers continually seek to further improve and we strive to make CPD bespoke.   

 We use common routines across the school to ensure consistency in delivery and pace of lessons, to make sure no time is lost.  This includes for example,  ‘Meet and Greet’ and ‘Do Now’ retrieval tasks as soon as students arrive to engage students, challenge at the point of individual need and a way of measuring the impact of learning  by the end of the lessons.


Learning Mode boards are also used to model the teacher’s expectations, so that students know how to conduct themselves when task are set.  The four learning modes are : Silent and Independent, Active Listening, Quiet Partner work and structured group work.