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“Creating Futures” - Important information on our Student Monitoring System

Everybody at The MFG is aspirational for every single student and wants them to achieve their very best. To this end, we provide regular information to parents and students about the progress they are making. The monitoring system will give you information three times a year and this is called “Creating Futures”.

The progress of all students is measured from the Key Stage 2 SATs results from Year 6.

In Years 7-9, progress is provided as a Level of Understanding on a Learning Journey for each student. These are assessed as part of a knowledge rich curriculum. 

In Years 10 to Year 13 a 'Current Grade' is provided which indicates the grade the student is currently working at. This will incorporate any coursework, recent assessment and examination performance.

The Creating Futures information helps all parties to work together to celebrate success but also address any issues which may be affecting performance. If students are below target in any subject it is important that staff, students and parents work together to bring them back on track. Interventions are planned through Departments and Achievement Co-ordinators to ensure this happens. 

Each report will have historical information for the current year so it is easy to track progress.

The Attitude to Learning grade is extremely important as attitude and achievement are inextricably linked. On each report, the criteria for each attitude grade is provided so discussions can take place at home with parents. The average Attitude to Learning grade in each cycle is stated on the report.

We believe that this monitoring system gives us all frequent, up-to-date information to continue to work successfully work together.