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Be The Best You Can Be

The MFG Builds an Educational Legacy

Close contact with Olympic Athlete and Commonwealth Gold medal winner Chris Cook has seen the Be the Best you can Be! programme inspire, engage and empower our Year 7 students to recognise and fulfil their potential. It has become a fundamental part of the Year 7 tutor programme and ensures the students are given every opportunity to strive for excellence.

Chris Cook launches the programme in September and shares his story of how success is a journey with the need to overcome inevitable setbacks.  As an incredible role model, Chris kick starts each year’s launch and brings the ‘achievement of dreams’ into Year 7.  The launch is followed by further modules and challenges which help our students discover the skills they need to follow their dreams and to begin their own successful journey. The Programme concludes with a Celebration where all the students and tutors share what they have learnt and support each other in pursuing their dreams and goals. Chris Cook attends the Celebration and presents all Year 7 students with awards and prizes. 

By completing the Programme our Year 7 students raise their self-confidence and self-esteem and benefit from higher aspirations, and a clearer path to how they can realise their dreams.

Chris Cook

Chris Cook presents Year 7 with their awards